Lake Villas Update (5/4/2023)

May 4, 2023
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!   Nancy Roman and Bobbie Cute have been doing a fantastic job getting everyone scheduled for alumniconns.  We have more than 3 weeks booked.  Thank you to all of you who have responded and gotten on the schedule.  Hopefully, we will make a difference in the future insurance requirements to make a reduction in our premiums.
If all goes well we should be starting on Saturday May 6, 2023 to install alumniconns.  WOW this is a wonderful accomplishment to date, we still need more members to come forth and get on the list.
Saturday, May 6, 2023, we will need to inconvenience a few of you.  Please leave open parking spaces from Unit 176 - Unit 186 the Boy Scouts will be on property to lay mulch and they bring the mulch in bags in their trucks.  With the crew they bring it only takes an hour or so and they will be on property by 8:30 a.m.
The maintenance crew has been doing a fantastic job of getting the areas ready for mulch.  We have uncovered buried sprinklers, adjusted sprinklers for better coverage, found other issues and repaired where necessary.  Our landscapers have sent out their supervisor to assist us in getting the property back on track.  Apparently different plants were being shaped together, or trees were being cut to look like hedges, and the wrong plants were taking control of our beds. We must keep all plants 3 feet from the buildings to avoid future rot, and we are removing plants off the retaining walls to avoid further damage to the walls which will be power washed, repaired and painted.
So, if any of you wish to get a suntan, put on your gloves and wear a hat and come help the crew pull a few plants, sweep a sidewalk, load a garbage bucket, if you have a hose water the new plantings, or maybe you could fix them a sandwich, give them a cookie, or just a thank you and a smile.  They are working very hard to bring Lake Villas back to its former desirable picture.
As an aside:
1.    PLEASE do not park your vehicle so it impedes the sidewalk.  When you back in or drive into the parking space be careful not to let your front fender or if you back in don't let your bumper, tow hitch over reach onto the sidewalk.  It is difficult to navigate the sidewalk when walking, the City will not be able to move gurneys down the sidewalk (to which they will send Code Enforcement Officers who will violate us as we are considered a commercial property).
Please take the extra second and check how your vehicle is parked.  Everyone here is awesome so we should see immediate changes here.
2.    Please call Nancy Roman 631-745-4002 or Bobbie Cute 631-566-6219 back and get on the alumniconn list.  They are really staying on top of this project.
3.  Thank you to all dog owners who are improving and keeping their dogs on a leash.  The Community thanks you.  Please be sure to pick up your poop!!  It takes a village to keep the Villas moving forward.
4.   We will be installing 5 more railings in the next week or so to comply with Code Enforcement.
5.   We have finally found the missing furniture straps for the pools, (they were on a driver's truck, who was having difficulty finding us) hopefully we should get the straps delivered this week and by next week we should have the pools back to full working condition.
6.   Thank you to James Taglia as he is really working hard on our insurance issues.  He is staying in contact with our broker and trying to get us the best possible deal.  As everyone knows alumni wiring and wood frame has always been the main issues and limits us as to what carrier will quote.  We will have several more hoops to jump through, this is a big project.  Further James negotiated with the Boy Scouts as to the mulch and got us an awesome deal.
7.    Don't forget about putting out the Fire Extinguisher outside your front door on May 10, 2023 in the early morning, so they can be re-certified.
8.    Also a thank you to Kevin Speedy who is working on getting a website up and running, and his assistance with some administrative forms.  Jesse Cutler has been taking wonderful shots of the property for Kevin to use and he is also helping us get a Lake Villas Logo on disc so we can have official looking digital letterhead and logo for the website.
Thanks to every member, board member and employees for being supportive and pitching in where you can.  Lake Villas is an awesome place to live and the community spirit is growing.