Lake Villas Condo (5/2/2024)

May 2, 2024
I think I need to put idle talk and rumors to rest.
We were approached by Bob Dietz, Mission Homes, that his company was considering the purchase of the property next to Lake Villas along the back wall side from Units 652 - 660.  He approached me asking if Lake Villas would be willing to discuss options with him should he move forward and purchase the property.  I told him we were willing to listen to his ideas, but ultimately should a proposal be submitted that required a decision, it would be a community decision, not mine. (Our primary interest was to re-install our fallen back wall, which adjoins this property.)
At a board meeting, I presented Bob's first idea, which subsequently did not happen as Bob did not purchase the property.  Then approximately a month later Bob contacted me and he had purchased the property with a 60 day due diligence period.  Again, I restated that Lake Villas would be interested in hearing his proposal, if any as it pertains to the fallen wall.  The first step during his due diligence period was to obtain a survey, then the City of Altamonte Springs would review his plans for the layout of what he wants to build on the lot and to determine what the City's requirements will be and whether any of this affects Lake Villas.
At this time, to my knowledge there has not been any plan/proposal submitted to Lake Villas.  There has been no further discussion with Bob in regard to his initial inquiry.  To my knowledge a survey has been done.
Should we receive a plan, it would be brought to the Board and the membership for questions.  I would request that Bob present his plan to the board and membership so he can answer the questions and concerns.   Should a plan/proposal be presented asking Lake Villas to give up any property, then collectively should we decide to move forward to act on the plan/proposal, the next step would be to have the lawyer review the proposal.
Once our lawyer reviews the plan/proposal, and if Lake Villas members have expressed an interest he would then draw up an agreement/addendum, which would be sent individually to each member asking each member to review and subsequently vote on that particular issue, should Lake Villas be asked to either give up any property, or if it is just a plan for a wall installation.  The individual votes would go to the lawyer or HMI and the collective membership would then be apprised of the outcome of the vote.
Lake Villa's main objective is to rebuild the fallen down wall dividing the two properties, which can be accomplished through many different formats, this potential plan/proposal, if any, would just be one of them.  We are not considering taking away any parking spaces or making the turning radius for trucks any more difficult.