Lake Villas Condo - the wall along Lake Villas Drive (5/24/2024)

May 24, 2024
I read with interest the unentitled form that Nicole Hansen is asking members to sign in regard to the wall located on Lake Villas Drive in front of Unit 690 and the parking area.  To be fair maybe we should evaluate certain FACTS before you cast your vote:
FACT:  Lake Villas entered into a contract with Zee Construction on or about 2018, this contract was signed by Shane Hansen, President of Lake Villas. This contract was to install a barrier wall to replace the existing barrier wall that fell during a wind/rain storm one night.
FACT:  There were construction issues with the installation of the wall by Zee Construction.
FACT:  Zee Construction sued Lake Villas for the remaining monies owed under the contract on or about 2019.
FACT:  The lawsuit was dismissed by the Seminole County Court's system for "lack of prosecution"  on behalf of the Plaintiff, Zee Construction on or about 2023. (I spent time communicating with Lake Villas' attorney, apprised the board of his recommendations, Lake Villas chances of winning the lawsuit, and it was determined that with the fees that had been procured for Lake Villas, and the remaining course of action was trial, it was best to let the lawsuit end, so as not to incur more expenses for Lake Villas on this lawsuit).
FACT:  Our attorney, David Glassman, Esquire, was victorious in winning on certain legal issues as to the lawsuit and recovered money from Zee Construction for Lake Villas.
FACT:  There is no pending lawsuit as it was resolved in approximately 2023-2024.
QUESTION:  What civil engineer has looked at the wall and provided us with a status and/or report as to the wall structure, sturdiness, replacement or repair, whether it meets current codes, how we get our full 8 foot wall as required in our Condo declarations, etc.?  If members brought a civil engineer on to the property, why wasn't the board made aware?  This could have been placed on the Board's Agenda and discussed at a board meeting.
CONCERN:  There are other issues with regard to the wall that need to be taken into consideration, loss of approximately 2.5 feet of our land as the wall was constructed in the wrong spot, the height of the land behind our wall and the root structures of the trees, which potentially create a problem in the future, removing the old footing so the wall can be constructed where it should be, no land grade was taken into consideration, so the wall is a stair step instead of straight level 8 feet, etc.
Currently this wall is not creating any particular issues for the association at this time.  It is not costing Lake Villas any money, at this time.
Lake Villas is channeling its attention to the following more pressing issues that are in no particular order  1) Adult pool that has 9 leaks and needs to get out from under the violations, so we can open it; 2) 7-8 Buildings that need to be rebuilt; 3) 4 carports that need to be repaired; 4) steps and railings which we are under a Code Enforcement Violation; 5) bulkhead needed lakeside for Unit 652; 6) 4 Units that need repairs completed on the exterior of the buildings; and 7) replacement of the security wall along the back of the complex between Units 660 - 652, at which time we will address the wall on Lake Villas Drive.  These issues are what come to mind.
Lake Villas has several issues and items that need addressing.  This is just information for you to make a better informative decision.