Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I know I use less water than my neighbors. Wouldn’t some of us save a lot of money if we installed water meters?

A. The installation and administrative cost would be far greater than any savings even the most frugal water user would see. Purchase and installation of a water meter could cost thousands of dollars per unit. Once installed, a firm would need to be contracted to read the meters, calculate individual costs, send monthly statements, process and pursue payments, and see that the funds reach the utility provider. The monthly cost for this alone would outweigh any individual savings.

Q. How do I get a carport, storage unit, or additional parking space?

A. There are 71 units on the property but only 41 carports. Every unit has one uncovered reserved parking space. Original buyers of condos at Lake Villas had the option to purchase a storage unit and carport space in addition to their assigned parking space. The carport spaces and storage units were then deeded to those units. Only the four-bedroom units have three assigned spaces. The condo association owns and rents out four covered carport spaces, but they are all currently occupied and have a waiting list.

Q. I received a letter from my bank or mortgage company claiming Lake Villas does not have insurance. How can I get proof of insurance?

A. Lake Villas’ insurance is renewed every year. Most banks and mortgage companies record the date when an insurance policy is set to expire, but do not receive notification or update their records when the policy is renewed. As a result, many residents receive these letters. You can download a Certificate of Insurance for the property here, or if you need one specific to your unit, you can request one from our insurance carrier via email at (be sure to include the unit number/address, name of the unit owner, your loan number, and the name and address of your bank or lender). Providing this documentation to your mortgage provider should resolve the issue.

Q. I would like Spectrum to add a cable outlet in my unit, but they won’t run a cable within a wall in a condominium. What can I do?

A. Reach out to the board or management company and we can provide you with a letter from the Condo Association authorizing Spectrum to install a cable within a shared wall. This letter only applies to walls. If Spectrum needs to run a cable anywhere else (for example, bury a line on the property) they will need to obtain permission from the board.